Server Fortress providing physical security for IT assets. Accredited to LPS1175 security rate 2.

Server Fortress Product Leaflet
Server Fortress Leaflet Feb 2018.pdf
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Server Fortress has been independently tested by E1E10 Ltd and proven to handle 12 kW - see report below.

Server Fortress Thermal Test to 12 kW
Thermal Test Server Fortress Louvred doo[...]
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12 kW louvred door

Louvred doors with an inner wire mess screen. Independendently tested to 12kW. Prevents a direct line of sight to the equipment housed inside.

5kW perforated door

Perforated doors for internal loads of up to 5kW

Server Fortress - a fusion of a conventional safe with all the functionality of a 19" server rack.

Advantages of Server Fortress over caging:- 

  • High Security
  • Saves floor space so more revenue generated per square meter
  • Totally flexibility for when user's requirements change
  • Can be fitted anywhere within the data centre in rows or stand alone
  • The energy saving advantages of hot and cold aisle containment can still be realised.


The safe

  • 3mm thick steel housing completely seam welded and dressed
  • Front and rear doors cannot be opened, even if the hinges are ground off
  • Locking system based on traditional safe mechanism
  • Three point locking bars
  • Louvred door option with inner screened  that does not allow a direct line of sight to the equipment inside
  • Accredited to LPCB LPS 1175 Security Rating 2 - Specification for testing and classifying physical protection devices - Product suitable for high security storage of servers and other computer equipment.


The 19” server rack

  • The louvred door option independently thermally tested to 12 kW.
  • Perforated door option rated for thermal loads up to 5 kW.
  • Fully adjustable front and rear 19” panel mounts, so the biggest servers and storage systems can be mounted inside
  • Data cables enter the cabinet from the top, at the sides, via secure access plates
  • Power can enter via secure access points either side, at the rear, top or bottom
  • Side mounting rails allow any style of vertical cable management to be fitted (cable tray, cable basket, plastic trunking) hard against the cabinet’s sides
  • Front air sealing frame to stop internal recirculation of hot air


Standard Server Fortress dimensions

  • Height 2,030 mm
  • Width 750 mm or 800 mm
  • Depth 1,000 or mm1,200 mm (excluding door handles)
  • 'U' mounting height 42U
  • Weight 430 kg

Front air sealing frame with

6 x 1U vertical slots


Louvered door giving excellent air flow and stops direct line of sight into cabinet

Close up of the power entry point

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