Locking Options and Other Accessories

Standard and approved lock options

Praetor 70079 Mechanical keylock with 11 levers. The key is not removable when the lock is open

EN1300 B / VdS Class 2

Kaba A252R - Multi user electronic lock

Kaba 552R - Multi user with audit trail

Please note nearly any type of lock can be fitted onto Server Fortress but it may affect the units LPCB approval.

Accessories for Server Fortress

The team at Server Fortress Limited are happy to procure, install and  wire any internal or external equipment, sensors or monitoring devices that our clients want to have including with the products they purchase for us.


We can do a lot more than just adding power and cable management.


Below is just a cross section of the other types of accessories that you may want and we have fitted before.

Accessories offered:

§  Cable management
§  Power management
§  Magnetic locking
§  Door open seniors
§  Seismic sensors
§  Temperature & humidity sensors
§  CCTV mounting

Door Open Sensor

Magnetic Lock

Seismic Sensor

Power Management

Cable Management

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