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Experts in IT physical security. Standard LPS1175 approved products and custom solutions to meet individual client's unique requirements.

Article on Physical Security by Marcus Edwards published in NETCOMMS Europe

Server Fortress – a fusion of a conventional safe with all the functionality of a 19” server rack. Physical security at its best.

Server Fortress Limited specialise in supplying physically secure enclosures, caging and custom made security products to data centres and users of servers and data storage equipment.

For servers and data that you really want to keep secure. The space efficient alternative to security caging around critical or sensitive servers and server racks.

Server Fortress Limited was created from combining two technologies and two skill sets. Forty years experience of the traditional safe, physical security and lock market merged with over twenty years of server rack design and development. The result was Server Fortress. An enclosure built to the same level of security as you would expect from a safe plus all the functionality and ease of use from a ‘state of the art’ 19” server rack.

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